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Art Activism


In collaboration with GLS university, Nathi Nonsense held an interactive session titled 'Understanding Art Activism' at Ahmedabad Design Fest. The event aimed at merging art forms with the strategic planning of activism to deliver messages of social change. 

We collaborated with Paranoid Dance Crew and with the medium of dance, they expressed the necessity of freedom of speech.

Debarun Datta was our guest speaker. Datta, who heads the media, arts and human rights organisation called Dristi, talked about the past, present and future impacts of art activism. The audience also interacted and shared their opinions regarding the same. 

We also collaborated with Sauhard, a non-profit organization working on youth development to promote and establish peace, harmony and equality. Through the medium of theatre, they enacted a play called 'Bheed Bhed'. Directed and written by Gaurang Raval, the play depicted how mobs - online and offline - has affected the politics of our country. 

Our team performed poetry written by Kalki Kochelin titled 'The Printing Machine': A rhythmic and scathing satire against daily broadsheets, magazines, social media and textbooks. 

We also performed a one-act play showcasing the unavailing state of debate rooms in news channels, emphasising on the necessity of free and unbiased press. 




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