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Women across the globe constitute half the citizenry, and it is no surprise that they stand as the “largest excluded category‟.


The global movement for equality has grown for some years, but the journey to the end is a long one. Various discussions and action projects have started across the globe to fight the issue of gender inequality, but in spite of that, there needs to be work done on the grassroots level to really make resources accessible to women, especially marginalized women.


Participation of women in the polity is one of the crucial ways in which to ensure gender-sensitive policies and implementation. To ensure more women political leaders it is critical to start at the bottom, that is the local governance institutions like municipalities.


Like most places, Ahmedabad Municipal corporation has a 50% reservation for women. However, the reservation often does not ensure equal participation of women. On one hand, elected representatives have capacity gaps to navigate the urban governance system and on the other, demands of communities need to be amplified and advocated regularly for leaders to act on them.

About City Tantra

City tantra is a youth-led program of Ahmedabad, which aims to increase participation of marginalized communities, especially women in urban governance using grassroots media and community mobilization. Through a 9-month long young media leaders fellowship, young people will work with communities and elected representatives to promote gender-balanced local governance in their own communities by using media channels such as radio and social media.


We believe that young people are the beacon of light to help create an equal and just society for all. They have the true potential to unlearn and be at the forefront of creating movements. This program provides fellows with intensive learning and leadership opportunities and a chance to create a meaningful impact in their community. 

What does the journey look like?

We want to work with young people who see themselves as changemakers and wish to work on the ground to create impact.


The fellows will get an opportunity to:

1. Learn from the experts

Researchers, urban planners, and activists who work in this field will conduct workshops around gender, active citizenship, and research skills

2. Create and deliver Radio shows on issues of the community

Fellows will be involved in the community media production process through the medium of Ahmedabad based Radio Nazariya 107.8FM. They will be participating in the production from idea phase to the broadcast; creating a dialogue around women’s issues. They will also be designing campaigns to promote their productions.

3. Engage with the community deeply


The fellows will work with the community directly to understand their issues better and mobilize people to take collective action.

4. Identify and work with women leaders


You will conduct primary research to understand the difficulties women citizens in your community face, use media to help them understand their role as an active citizen, and facilitate dialogues to understand the demands raised by them

5. Work with women councilors

City Tantra fellows will work with women councilors to help make their work visible and aid them so that they can fulfill the demands being raised by women citizens.

You can apply if

  1. Between the age of 18-30 years 

  2. Can give 14-16 hours in a week. 

  3. Passionate about creating a social impact for women and wish to build a career in social work or politics

  4. Volunteered at an NGO or done some work in the field. 

  5. Fluent in either Hindi or Gujarati 

  6. Live on the east side of Ahmedabad specifically Gomtipur, Khadia, Jamalpur, and Shahpur

    We will be prioritizing women’s applications more. We really encourage people from different backgrounds to apply. If you know someone who is a potential young leader or aims to be, please nominate them.

What do you get out of this fellowship?

  1. A learning experience that will fast-start your career in media, communications, the development sector, and politics. 

  2. You get to engage with social issues and develop personal skills for life 

  3. A stipend per month that can cover your basic costs during the fellowship. 

  4. A certificate and letter of recommendation from Radio Nazariya and Nathi Nonsense

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