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India is known for being the world’s largest democracy; and yet, a large proportion of the Indian population does not even cast their vote. Even though we are primarily a young population, we elect 60 year olds as our representatives. 

The country is a desperate need for some young leaders who can lead with morality, diligence and create a just world. 

Young people are leading the way to create a better world, from nation wide movements to creating impact on different tangents, the true power to impactfully influence the functionalities of our country lies with young people. 


City Tantra is a campaign designed specifically to indulge and enable young citizens to participate in local governance and civil society. The change starts with you and where you are, the grass-root level involvement of active young members of our society will bring not just enable the communities to better participate in civic bodies, but also bridge between the citizens and the government. Civic bodies are responsible for the issues and problems of the immediate surroundings of the population. And it is time we elect representatives who can solve our problems and engage with the community. 


With City Tantra you can be a part of a campaign that works on advocating the importance of local governance through artforms and dialogue by learning and working with researchers from IIMA, build a narrative around these issues, produce radio shows and generate content to create awareness around civic rights.

What does the journey look like?

The campaign includes a rigorous process of attending workshops, conducting on-ground research, indulging with communities, producing radio shows and broadcasting content in different mediums!

1. Workshop conducted by IIMA researchers

After the selection process you will learn about how local politics and governance works by being a part of workshops conducted by IIMA researchers.

2. Community interaction

You will then conduct on-ground        research in the ward allocated to you and become a part of the communities to understand how local politics and governance work. 

3. Becoming a radio producer

Through workshops conducted by Radio Nazariya, you will get trained to produce  radio shows around your experiences and learnings. 

4. Documenting narratives

You will represent the unheard voices of the communities by using the artform and mediums you choose to document their narratives.

5. Engaging with the representatives

You will also engage with the local representatives and ward councillors to be a part of the change at a different level. 

You can apply if

  1. Someone who is devoted to working for the community and is willing to deal with the subject of local  governance and youth politics with interest and enthusiasm with a commitment to work 4-5 hours a day

  2. Someone who is currently based out of Ahmedabad and will be here for the course of this campaign. 

  3. Someone who has an interest and experience with a basic skill in one multimedia form or art form (e.g.  doodles, memes, articles, documentaries, podcasts etc.). 

  4. Someone who has the working knowledge of either Hindi or Gujarati and can easily communicate in any one of these languages. 

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