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A Youth Centered show on

Radio Nazariya, 107.8FM

It was in December, 2016, after our first Mukammal, that we were offered our own show on Radio Nazariya. A group of 9 young students pursuing a wide variety of subjects- engineering, history, music, psychology, media etc. now worked on the show called ‘Nathi Nonsense’ under their youth segment called yuva front.

Our show looked at a particular issue along several angles, through different lenses and perspectives in the 2 hour long show. We talked about the history of the issues, gave news updates, featured local music artists, interviewed individuals and experts on their views and shared what we believed. The topics our show covered included the history of Ahmedabad, mental health, gender and sex, the importance of our mother tongues, and several others. We were a group of 9 young individuals exploring and learning about several issues pervading our society,  presenting our view of the same through the radio.

Nathi Nonsense also worked on a series of shows to raise awareness about various issues that pertain to Ahmedabad prior to the Gujarat general elections in 2017. It was an 8 episode series called Votetantra which featured issues surrounding heritage, waste management, primary education, water supply, etc.

The show was designed in a way that covered 2 expert interviews: A political representative and an expert/activist working for the same, with the host having had experience working in the area as well. There were voices and opinions of the people of the community who were directly affected by the issues. Here, we tried providing a holistic perspective to voice the issues in a way that would help the citizens of Ahmedabad to make an informed decision when voting.

This experience of working with Radio Nazariya and being mentored by them for a year has influenced our worldview and understanding of the society in a way that inspired us to voice our opinions and create a similar platform reflected through our work in Nathi Nonsense.

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