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Nathi Nonsense presents

en-root change

fellowship programme

Using the lens of Citizen Journalism

Batch 1

Living the Unlived:

The livelihood of the young urban poor

What is Nathi Nonsense?

Nathi Nonsense is a budding social enterprise that engages the youth to instigate change and address socio-political issues around them. By initiating various campaigns and programmes, Nathi Nonsense encourages the young to become active citizens. 

One of these programmes is the year-long en-root change Fellowship which intends to make the youth active and primary players of the community, to better voice the issues around, and to inculcate a habit of expressing well-informed opinions.

Why this program?​

Split in four segments, the en-root change Fellowship empowers the youth both directly and indirectly. The first fold of this programme is where YOU step in. With resources, networks and a stipend, you get to explore the issues of the community through different lenses. This fellowship is for a duration of two months, spanning from September to October 2020. You will be constantly networking with professionals from the field, researching and understanding issues in-depth, and using mediums to instigate conversations about them. All this is done without you having to pay for anything!

What are the thematics of the first batch?​

Living the Unlived - The Livelihood of the Young Urban Poor

More often than not the term ‘poor’ in India is associated with the people hailing from rural spaces. But over the years, due to high migration, poverty in the country is transiting largely from rural to urban. Urban poverty in India is over 25%, close to 81 million people. In Mumbai alone, over 50% of the population lives in informal settlements. As a result, they have little to no access to basic services. This is the reality in every urban city.

Today, one in every six urban citizens in India live below the poverty line. A good number of the most badly affected are the young people of these urban slums. Approximately, 443 million school days of children are lost as a result of water and sanitation-related diseases. In addition to the already low school enrollment rates, 68% of slum children are illiterate.

The only way to solve a problem is to acknowledge it first. The urban poor youth need a medium to voice their plight; a medium that can be provided by both the government and the civil society.

Where do you come in?​

There is a lack of awareness of the issues that pertain to the urban poor youth, especially those of Ahmedabad. Not just that, there is also a gap between the on-ground issues of the society and the youth’s participation in dealing with those issues actively. Therefore, Nathi Nonsense aims at providing opportunities and equipping the youth of Gujarat in order to counter the evils of these issues.

This will be a 2 month long, part-time learning and action journey aimed at equipping young leaders to engage with socio-political issues through various mediums which range from documentaries, to audio-scapes and research oriented articles to comic strips. These products created by the fellows will be broadcasted in the community so as to raise awareness about the said issues, using different campaigns. Along with working on the ground, primarily on the issues, you will get an opportunity to learn from experts of the field and network with numerous professionals.

Who is en-root change fellowship for?​

You are a strong candidate for the fellowship if you:

  • Are devoted to working for the community

  • Are willing to deal with the issues of the urban poor youth through different mediums

  • Are between the age group of 16-30

  • Have the basic skill set required to either make documentaries, audio-scapes, creatives, or any other medium that can be used to deal with an issue. 

  • Are living in Gujarat, preferably, Ahmedabad.

  • Are aware of the basics of the issue in question.

What does this program include?​

This fellowship is set to begin in September 2020 and will largely include the following:



This program gives a unique opportunity to understand and learn about on-ground issues better and enhance your skills. The process will be facilitated through the constant leadership and support of Nathi Nonsense, where the following aspects will be spoken about:

  • Tapping into your journey as a young person for a deeper self-awareness;

  • Understanding your position as a changemaker in this society;

  • Storytelling;

  • Communication for Social Impact;

  • Outreach and Networking;

  • Research skills;

  • System thinking;

  • Enhancing presentation skills; conducting sessions, interviews etc.

Action Projects


You will be making projects, in whichever medium you prefer, with the experience and expertise of an external organisation as well, that works with the issues of the urban poor on the ground. This will help you understand the reality through different lenses and enhance your skill set of using your preferred medium to voice the reality. 

The 2 months will be divided as follows:

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An opportunity to work on-ground with experienced organizations


You will be provided with an opportunity to work with experienced organizations that work on-ground to address these issues, ensuring that you have access to the various resources required for your project to be a success. Their expertise and experience will give you direction and an in-depth perspective into the thematics you choose, giving you incredible exposure and learning opportunities.

Broadcasting your project


Your project will be a part of the larger campaign, that will be broadcasted on various fronts and promoted via our digital media platforms:

  • Nathi Nonsense’s social media channels will promote your work through marketing campaigns that will be designed specifically for more outreach.

  • Nathi Nonsense will collaborate with various organizations with strong outreach to help impact more people through your project.

  • An event will be conducted with the community of young people (keeping in mind all precautions) to share your project more personally with the community.

Other Incentives and Resources


Nathi Nonsense believes in providing young citizens a platform along with the resources required to use that platform. We value and recognize your hard work, and, to make sure it is acknowledged, Nathi Nonsense provides a stipend of ₹5000/- as a token for your project.

What does the selection process look like?

The application process is simple and transparent. From the proposals you turn in, Nathi Nonsense will select four proposals that fit the best with the thematic. The following are the steps you can follow to smoothen your application process:

  1. Fill the form at Make sure the topic fits our theme, the Livelihood of Urban Poor Youth.

  2. Shortlisted candidates will have a telephonic interview with the Project Coordinators of the en-root change fellowship

  3. Final selection of the proposals are made and communicated to the persons.

Logistical Details:

  • Duration: 1st September ‘20 to 31st October ‘20.

  • Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

  • Meeting and workshops will be held on weekends, during these two months, between 10 AM to 5/6 PM.

  • All precautions for COVID-19 will be taken if/when physical meetings are planned.

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