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स से – संविधान | An introduction

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Dhrupad Mehta, our Team member and now a change maker, for his campaign “ स से – संविधान “

It was in November when we got a call from a Sauhard, a non-profit organization that aims at sensitizing the youth and encourages them to voice their opinion on topics like gender, politics, etc. They introduced us to this fellowship program called “Change looms”. The fellowship program is supported by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour, U.S. Departments of States and is run by Pravah and Sauhard that aims at developing leadership amongst the youth, who are trained to understand how the society functions and are motivated to take an initiative to change the dynamics of it.

Under ‘Change looms’ Dhrupad enrolled for a program called ‘Change Makers’. He got selected along with 11 other change makers from Gujarat. The change makers are expected to work on one social change idea. There are a lot of issues that have to be addressed right now. We need a change in every sector of governance or society. But for a change to happen there has to be, in all of us a capacity to dialogue, debate, listen and argue. Without the ability to question we can’t expect a change. We talk about the changes needed in this country but we expect someone to change it for us. Democracies and countries do not work like that. We need to be active citizens who engage in conversations. There is a need to de-condition our brains that is taught to not engage in dialogues and discussions.

Before the Britishers started ruling us, we did not have a constitution. The society was directed by the rules of Manusmriti, Kuran, etc. Those rules had reasons and history behind it. We obviously know that those religious texts do not fully direct us now; we also know that it is the constitution- a book with rules, rights, laws that does the major work.

We know our PM quite well (debatable), we may or may not know our MP or MLA. But as citizens, we hardly know what we are entitled to do and be. What makes us an INDIAN CITIZEN?

THE CONSTITUTION!! (if you did not understand it already)

The 8th standard classes on our constitution were so not enough. There is almost no awareness about the importance of that document and how it affects our lives.

We live in a society that trains us to follow the rat race of everyday life; the idea is to make us mere machines for the development of the country and fewer citizens so that those who are in power can exploit their power as they want.

Just an FYI- our leaders were successful in making this a reality. If there is a document that affects us more than anything, it is our constitution. The goal of our campaign is to start a dialogue about the constitution amongst the youth and a habit of questioning the right or wrong of our society, after understanding what the constitution says. The idea is to engage a maximum number of young people into this change so that we are not just machines for future governments. We decide the future of this country, but for that should we not understand this country first?

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