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Fear one of the most pathetic emotion that human beings experience. We experience it during many situations such as a 20 mark test, job interviews or at the most, dying. When you are scared you are mentally blocked and are having a frenzy of unstoppable thoughts at the same time. You tend to do foolish things. Although, fear is not always a bad thing.


And that one time my mother accepted my request and let me walk on my own. I had never felt this happy in my entire life (Let’s excuse the fact, for a moment, that I was merely 10 months old.)

I unclasped the buckle and stepped out of the pushchair and started walking. We were in a grocery store. So, I stared walking towards the aisle which had ice creams.

But I was too slow. To reach it sooner I started to run. I was filled with joy when I almost reached that aisle on my own. I walked all by myself without any adult nagging me. I felt independent and overjoyed. I tried to push myself further, and started running faster. And as soon as I had reached the zenith of my happiness……I fell. I ended up fracturing my dominant arm, having a mild concussion and a nosebleed.

And guess what? I didn’t get off that pushchair for a while. My mother was a bit afraid because I wouldn’t even try to step a foot outside the pushchair. Ironic isn’t it? Fear can discipline you and scar you at the same time. Fear is good if it’s in a small amount.

I constantly have thoughts like “What if I don’t get an admission in the college I like?” “What if I don’t make it to the cutoff?” That fear is enough to make me score good marks.

Someone said “If you want people to drive safer, take out the airbags and attach a machete pointing at their neck. No one will drive over three miles per hour.” I admit that it’s totally insane yet it’s true.

We humans are bound to make mistakes. We are not flawless or perfect. But sometimes fear reduces our chances of making the same mistakes again. After being burnt by a candle. You would think twice about putting your hand in it’s open flame.

PS: I still run around in grocery stores 🙂



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