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A Decision. An Intent. A Purpose.

Let me make a confession, as a so-called ‘successful entrepreneur’

I am fearful, nervous and anxious.

Almost every morning before a big meeting or a collaboration I over think about this one decision I took around 1 and a half years ago when I was 43, all settled and happy with my lifestyle. People say that after 30 years of your life, you become rigid as a person because you have a routine, a fixed HABIT. And I, like any normal successful person, was habituated with success and support.

As a double diamond director in Oriflame, with a great income and an esteemed position in India, I was successful. Breakdowns surely come as a surprise and they knocked our door with thunder and we lost a lot of our business. For the family, my existing business and for my self-esteem, I decided to start from 0, a new business, a new venture but with the same purpose- making a difference.

I trained and became a certified image consultant, which basically is working for individuals and corporates and help them change the way the dress, behave and in turn, working on their self-esteem. In that process, I surely was working on mine. But the habit of getting a support from my loving husband in Oriflame and the constant success we saw there was a hurdle into starting from scratch and was more difficult than I imagined.

I always saw myself as PURVI-PRITESH but now my journey was to create the identity and brand of PURVI SHAH, for myself. Because no matter what the other world thinks of you, it is meaningless if you don’t believe in yourself.

I have this basic theory in my mind. Expansion of any form; business, self, relationship, health is tough. You stretch and stretch yourself hard into a balloon but that balloon can easily shrink or can easily burst! So, the right balance is always tough, but the only mantra is to try. That way we would surely reach the right balance of air and pressure inside that balloon and achieve success

In these 44 years of my life, I have been tested by the theory of expansion a lot of times. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur, a woman, a HUMAN, each time I have failed and succeeded and this time I knew I would expand too as PURVI. But I would do that by my own hard work, grit, determination because even at the age of 44, I CHOSE TO BE YOUNG AND ENTHUSIASTIC. I got this opportunity now and the mere age, habits or the society won’t be my excuse for not growing.

But the question that arises here is why? Why do I want to fight with my own self? The answer is in the word-PURPOSE. And my purpose is to create strong foundations and confident smiles for people. My purpose is to make a difference. As the clarity is so strong, the every morning anxiety, fears, and doubts have no power over this. Being clear about your purpose helps you gain confidence automatically and this thing gives me wings every morning to fly, sometimes against the wind.

Definitely, I became tired and it gets me down but with all these odds, I never leave my values and ethics because I have read somewhere about karma that you are free to make any decision you wish, but you are not free from the consequences of that decision! And thus being committed to my purpose and values inspires me to set an example for my daughter and people around me.

Surely the expansion process is painful, that pain crawls and creeps me out every morning but these would be the pleasures and stories to share in the future proudly! And for everybody out there, especially women struggling for an identity in this world, you don’t need support from the society, rights, and respect etc for you to grow.


Is sometimes enough.

-Purvi Shah



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