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A Drive To Spirituality

Growing up, I remember brooding a misconception on spirituality. I had a medley of thoughts on the similitude of religion and spiritual concepts. It is bound to happen when origins of the information are not filtered and delivered. Spirituality is not just the comprehension, but the incorporation of the “Belonging to and being the whole” feeling and living in that state. Religion, on the other end, is an oddment of the path taken to reach the ultimate goal.

Religion and spirituality are not antithetical but are in fact, perfectly synchronous with each other.

A child’s first introduction to anything metaphysical is through religion. The ability or acceptance to look beyond what he can physically see is instilled from idol worshipping or mantra chanting. Eventually, the quest to move to the core of the rituals and practices leads to the spiritual path, where all reasons are justified. But this might not always be the case.

People are driven to spirituality for different reasons, at least in the adulthood. A person who has gone through extreme loss might be there to seek asylum. There may be youth who, at their heyday, may not really be complacent with themselves. Putting it succinctly, lack of comfort or abundance of it, both may be the leading factors of being drawn to a speculation of self.

I believe, a child must be introduced to spirituality first, rather than religion. It helps the child to cope with losses, stay level-headed in a storm, and take better decisions in any fragment of life. The taboo that majority of youth holds against prayers and worships is simply a result of incomplete cognizance of their roots. Also, the fear of being labeled “uncool” creeps in slowly.

Wise or otherwise, the acceptance of the existence of a supreme energy and renouncing to it does make challenges easier to face. The battle is only extraneous with the absence of any self-conflict.

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