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A friendship, 25 years YOUNG!

‘ I have one of the most amazing news for you both!’ Shouted my dad in excitement to my mum and me. ‘Is it your business dad?’ I was pretty sure about it.

‘Oh no! It’s something even more exciting’ he happily answered.

Now, that made both of us curious, something out of business exciting for dad? That’s like once in a blue moon thing.

‘My childhood’s best friend, my neighbour who lives in Bangalore is coming this Sunday to Ahmedabad after 25 years!’ Shouted dad. ‘Oh my god! Are you talking about the neighbour you had in our previous house, the one you used to spend most of your time with?’ Questioned my mother. ‘Yes you are right! We haven’t seen each other in 25 years. Just had talks on phone once in a while!  I do not even know how she looks like! And they are coming for lunch this Sunday’ my overly excited dad exclaimed. I was shocked and overwhelmed to see dad so happy. But I was pretty sure that this lunch will be like any other get-together. I mean come on! They haven’t seen each other in 25 years, how do you expect it to be fun? So now dad was shopping, exploring the city for them! He was excited. This seemed like a festival for him. Me and mom were sure, that dad will not be seen the following week in the house. So Sunday came, and aunt with her family came to our house. Dad first tried recognizing her, who had completely changed in 25 years! The emotions were too many. Imagine seeing your best friend, the one you have spent your childhood with after 25 years! The feeling for dad was not expressible. They both had tears in their eyes. I saw tears after long in dad’s eyes. They were happy tears. We sat, and the times they had spent got revived again! Both of them were narrating incidents, Of how they used to eat, study, play together! All those golden times. It felt as if the same bond was alive even after so many years. It felt that nothing had changed between them. They were the same ‘chuddy buddies’ Time flies so fast, but relationships with that are forgotten. This is what scares all of us. Stay in touch, talk every day. If not, things will change.

I ask you, who said so?

Who made this rule? Talking and meeting everyday is not necessary, you need to have that love and care in your heart alive always for that person, no matter how many times you talk or don’t.

25 years is a long time, I saw an example of a bond that is very rare. Seeing this makes me hope that even if we are busy with our lives, even if we are far away, inaccessible. Some people who have the love and care for us will always be by our sides, and things won’t change between us. Reflect back, ask yourself are the bonds you tied in so much promising? Talking meeting does not matter! Is the love alive in you, in them? If yes then bravo! Because that’s what true relations are. Not just friends but every relations.

Do you have a friendship worth waiting for 25 years? I hope you do smile and if not, I hope you work for it!

Keep smiling!

~Manasvi S. 🙂

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