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A hypocritical rant on hypocrisy

I barely seem to understand this ability of millennials to be able to find love online.

This generation disses having to see potential candidates on complaining “how can you trust someone by just looking at their photos online?” And then, ends up swiping right, on a similar- if not same photograph. Of course, no one asks you to marry the person you find on tinder, but no one disagrees to going on a date with someone whose profile your mum liked on that marriage website.  

Millennials have been stereotyped by, of course, the generation of their parents who are like that ignored middle child that ends up in front of a therapist’s desk. Why? Because this generation of parents have had to listen to their parents without making the slightest of noise in disapproval and then, they have faced the same thing from their children who know they were not responsible for their grandparents’ actions who were conditioned to do so. Their frustration is both- expected and accepted. Their actions on the same? *shakes head* not so much.

P.S. nothing wrong in going to a therapist- I suggest even mentally sorted people(liars) to go just for the sake of prevention because I have realized, we have been engineered biologically to mess up- just like the earphones you kept inside your bag after seven wasted minutes to have them untangled.

Therapists remind me, how we have found an outlet to rant about our parents’ behavior to get validation from people who can relate rather than solving the issue with a universal remedy called basic communication- directly with the accused. If you want to tell me “only if it was as easy…” I agree, it is not easy; it is just more convenient to rant on Twitter, get validation and paint over the cracks on the wall. Exactly.

You know parents are weird sometimes too- they forget the massively visible and apparent line between privacy and protection. The only similarity is the obvious alliteration.” I’m checking your phone because I don’t want you to be with the wrong people”.

“Papa, none of my friends invade my privacy. You are the wrong people at this moment.” I said to my friend when he passed me his cigarette.

I also see people calling out other influencers, especially on social media who have grown to become ‘woke.’ By digging out their past digital footprint which might be sexist or racist or just basic inconsiderate but last time I checked, people grow.

Maybe, humans are like this. Hypocrites. Is it okay to be a hypocrite then? I don’t know. What I do know is that it is okay to accept mistakes, and to apologize, even if (read: especially) if you have changed as a person positively.

Anyways, if everyone stood by their words, politics would be extremely boring. No?

Cognitive dissonance is always visible only in others.

Written this while waiting for my tinder date who was 30 minutes late.

-Manas Daxini

Image Courtesy: Manas Daxini

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