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Abu Dhabi : Day 1

The journey started in the middle of a beautiful night. The city was sleeping, and the worlds inside me awaken to all its senses! I knew that the next 7 days are going to be different and full of surprises!

I had my flight at 5:00 am. The international airport at 3:00 am was a fish market. And yet, you love that busy fish market. With the chaos around me and in me, I ventured into the journey.

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of The United Arab Emirates welcomed me with a beautiful sunset seen from a height of 12,000 feet. I could see how beautifully this city was planned from above.

I saw long stretches of deserts and I saw a city built on those deserts. ‘Nothing is impossible’. They made this quote possible for me.

A black Mercedes came to rescue us at the airport; the drive was a short and a sweet one. I was in Yas Island which is 35 kilometres away from Abu Dhabi. Yas Island is a manmade island, recently made. With just luxury and entertainment in it, and no residence living. I was observing how this city was planned, and what soo different about this city was. It was not just houses or roads that were designed. A bus stop, a fountain, a setting area, even a tree was designed! Everything was so systematic and modern. I could sense the power of humans and their minds that time.

yas island

the planned streets

So we checked in our hotel called crown plaza! We had been allocated a suit. A cherry on the icing for us! I was escorted by a person called Stephan who was from Tanzania, he shared half of his life with me! The best thing that I feel about travelling is that you meet new people; you give yourself a chance to expand your horizons and mentality.

crown plaza yas island

our hotel!

interior of crown plaza

the reception area of our hotel

We decided to visit the beach after resting for a couple of hours. There was this private beach just behind our hotel, luxuriously made. It was yet again man made, and it was a white sand beach with no waves in it. It was just too calm and too beautiful.

the entrance to the beach.

the entrance to the beach.

yas beach

the white sands and the calm sea

the beach had these beds which we can rent!

the beach had these beds which we can rent!

Walking the shores of the beach, watching couple around you falling in love, families around you clicking pictures for their next holiday album, people relaxed and getting tan in the beautiful sun was calming to the eyes and to the heart. Could spend hours over there! I for the first time enjoyed the sun their unlike India.  After some 3 hours spent their we went to our hotels changed and took the free shuttle buses to go to the biggest mall of Abu Dhabi- the yas mall.

yas beach

You literally get lost in that mall. It was that huge! You can sense the amazing modern architecture and the aesthetic ability of the person who had designed this. The branded stores, shopping etc was a different thing! This was not so fascination for me.  The planning of such a mall, the small details taken care for all the people, the minute colour schemes and details was what fascinated me. You find luxury everywhere you go in Abu Dhabi. You can see the high standard of living and start dreaming big surely after experiencing that. A good Indian dinner at the end and we were back to our rooms with a fulfilled day and in mind the dreams of the next big day of our trip.

the blue mustang!

the blue mustang!

So the next day i was all alone for myself, my mom dad were busy in work. I had the freedom to explore this city and its life by myself….

To be continued….

Keep smiling and waiting until next time.

yas beach

Manasvi S

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