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Abu Dhabi : Day 2

Mom and dad had a conference for 2 days; I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted in this city. We, a group of 5 crazy travellers, had a plan to explore this city by ourselves, without our parents. I was really very excited to do so and so were they.

The second day was a bit relaxing. We decided to stay in the island itself and roam around, without any kind of guides or help. Abu Dhabi is a peaceful city. Meant for luxury and peace, it does not have a lot of tourist places to visit.

After a good heavy breakfast in the open, facing the beautiful sun, we 3 girls went to the beach yet again. It was calming as usual. You feel the same numbness seeing the chemistry of the blue sky and the blue ocean. A shiver runs through your spine once your bare feet; touch the cold clear salt waters of the ocean. It amazes me how the majestic sun cannot warm the magnificence of this ocean. The ocean is still cool, not caring about something as powerful as the sun. I would love to do that to myself, I wish for people having such a quality.

yas beach

yas beach

Anyway, after a fun girly day out, we called the guys; unfortunately one of them had a meeting. So we 4 went to the marina drive to have some food and entertainment. This place was full of life. For the first time in 2 days I saw people and groups. We had a nice lunch of pastas and noodles, the only vegetarian dishes that were available.

The place was artificially made, yet had that feeling of a natural beauty.

during happy hours in marina drive, you get a discount on everything! we got it too.

during happy hours in marina drive, you get a discount on everything! we got it too.

After lunch, and a nice walk through the whole area, joking around like crazy. We went to play in the fountains! Ahh! what fun it was. The water was dancing with us, in perfect rhythms. We had such a gala time there. We were clicking pictures of each other between water sprays. We were acting as if we control the waters, Laughing as we push and pull each other. In that time we 3 not just developed a rhythm with the water, we developed a rhythm with each other.

fountains at marina drive
we playing in the fountains

we playing in the fountains

Not wanting to leave, but still having to as it was 7:00 we rushed back to our hotels.

We now had the welcome dinner, in the Ferrari world. Oriflame, the company sponsoring this trip to mom and dad had booked the whole Ferrari world for us! Details about what Ferrari world are going to be there in another post.

WELCOME PARTY AT FERRARI WORLD.   ~photo by oriflame


People dressed in car costumes, road tracks entertained and welcomed us at the start. We had a long banquet of amazing food, dinner tables dressed lavishly. We had a dinner between the legendary cards, Ferrari coupled with some white wine.

welcome by them.
ferrari world
the bouquet set up!

the bouquet set up!

And then no party can go without dance! We had a long 3 hour dance party. A live band performed for us. They communicated through music, laughed through the rhythms and danced along with us. I could feel how they were into what they were creating. I for the first time stopped dancing to concentrate on what they were creating. And if you know me, you know how impossible it is for me to stop while dancing. So imagine that atmosphere.

the band performing. ~photo by oriflame

the band performing. ~photo by oriflame

the atmosphere!

the atmosphere! ~photo by oriflame

So now at 12:30 am my day ended.

The next day we 4 people went and took a hop in hop of into the main city of Abu Dhabi and met a lot of people……

To be continue

Manasvi S.

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