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Acting Normal.

So, here I am, writing on a very COMMON topic as we people consider it. It hurted me so much, knowing that people nowadays consider sexual harassment as a common issue. I mean, seriously?

To be very frank, no male can ever understand this feeling. Its beyond their imagination, how one single inhumane act can screw up people’s happiness or, at times, can end their life. What people do is, listen to the stories, try sympathising them and ask them to forget about it. Did you realise what I just said? “TO FORGET THIS.” Do you even have an idea of what the heck I am talking? Sexual harassment of a girl. Is this some kind of joke to you? She doesn’t want people to sympathize her , all she wants is to understand her pain, support her and that is it. But all we do is expect her to ‘forget’ about it.

Some girls are too innocent to understand what the guy even did to her. And when she comes to know about it, it’s too late. It becomes too late to react to the situation. Shall I tell you why?

Because after it, the people around get used to it, they act normally. Which is what I fail to understand.

A girl now starts regretting for the rest of her life. Unsure of how to smile and live that happy life again without no stress. Just an innocent smile on her face. Was the smile that she wore harmed him in any way?

She must’ve killed him. to let him know the pain she had. But, she chose not to. Because she couldn’t. This is a GIRL. She chose to raise her voice and make the person die with shame. And she is a REAL WOMAN.

So keep working to become A REAL WOMAN. If not, at least a HUMAN.

Wishing you don’t regret later,

~Paridhi Agrawal

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