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Walking down the puddles of dirty rain water in the city, looking at the horizon, seeing this city faded and drenched in its happiness is a breathtaking experience.Smiling at strangers around you, feeling happy after hearing them sing songs in the beautiful rain.

Seeing people help each other. Listening the youngster’s joy somewhere right behind you makes you smile and love life again.

There is something about this city about its people, which I never felt in other cities I travelled. Certain things cannot be explained in words, they are meant to be felt. This was one of those things.

Being a nature’s person I always enjoy the effect nature has on man made things.

During the sun set, the way the orange rays of the sun reflect on the glass building, making the glass dance in those colors.

The way the rain dances around my feet.

The way all these makes me love my city yet again!

Nature has that effect on us, I guess.

But it is not only about it. It’s the perception you keep in your mind. The famous Shakespeare dialogue ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.’ I could have also complained about the mess rains had created, I could have. But I choose to see what would make me happy and lively again.

Why complain? To see why the negativity of the rains, the problems that are showered upon you? Why to see the darkness the clouds create for you? Instead, you should welcome the clouds and enjoy the rains, and wait for it to end.

Then you will realize how green your life will be after it ends. Then you will realize why those rains were needed.

Seeing this city, faded under the heavy rains. I thought, why couldn’t I see the real picture, the real beauty this city has in it?

Don’t let it fade completely.

So here we are with a new and a very important category called- the faded city called ahmedabad.

We will make you fall in love with this city!

We would share new places which are not discovered, histories about this majestic land, restaurant reviews and much more.

Let this city shine within you. I am proud to call myself an Amdavadi. Are you?

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