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An Invite.

Nathi Nonsense is not just a blog. It wants conversations to bloom, ideas to be executed and differences to be made. It focuses on the voices of the youth; and, the thought that every individual is unique and that uniqueness should be recognized. We are a group of people who aim at making the space we have, a youth development initiative where people can acquire confidence to be who they are and improve on their art. By art we mean the ‘individual art’ that might not be beautiful to one person but very meaningful for another. By art we do not mean commercial art but, art that helps the humanity and makes the world a better place. We focus on giving that ‘art’ a platform and helping people become confident about their individual differences.

We, here at Nathi Nonsense, aim at 3 areas mainly:

  1. Literature Any form of writing is acceptable, be it a poem, an article, a story, to a literary piece by someone you read. (Language: English, Hindi and Gujarati.)

  2. Photography We like minds that explore the possibility of storytelling through their pictures and tell the society how they see the world.

  3. Painting – Where you create your own world by your own imagination. Where you play with colours, pens and pencils to not just express yourself but to communicate your identity to someone else.

Nathi Nonsense is a space that works online and offline. Online, we have a fully functional website that is a storehouse of our thoughts, ideas, opinions and emotions, and, offline we conduct several events where we give people a stage to express in person. We have done 5 open mic informal poetry events which we call ‘Mukammal’ where we have heard atleast 75 people’s stories with about 200-250 people listening, we have also associated with Radio Nazariya to make radio shows which were on their channel, 107.8 FM.

And now, we are expanding ourselves by including some more people who have the same aims as we do. Nathi Nonsense is now growing, trying to keep a foot in everything possible. And, for it to expand, the team has to be a strong one. If you are willing to sign up for this initiative, you will be expected to perform some responsibilities including writing posts regularly and handling offline events. 

We have observed how freedom in creation is taken away from us; how we are all conditioned to write or create, thinking about what people will like to read rather than how we want to write or create. Thus, this initiative is an aim to get together different individuals and see how we, together, are able to think uniquely and, most importantly, BE UNIQUE. We are going to further focus on those people and such initiatives which are great with their ideas but they lack resources or a direction. By pulling them with us we can all together work for the same thing we, as individuals, have always thought. Nathi Nonsense wishes to work as a space for people and ideas that are creative, that can make a difference and give them a push to grow faster.


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