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“Are you ‘bi’? Well, Bye.”

While wondering what to write about, I had this vivid thought of the rains being equal. I quickly shoved it away thinking it was absurd. But then, it came back again when the clouds burst out like a child, who’s toy was taken away.

According to the Indian constitution, all the people are equal before the law. Such things look so charming when written on a paper, but in real life it is…….                                                 Till the date, how many of us don’t get an eerie feeling while touching our maids or servants? Or, in the first place, Do we even touch them?

Talking about equality, how many of us consider bisexuals equal? Or even count them in humans? This might not be a problem in The States anymore, but India? Nah! Our religion says being a gay or a lesbian is not human, even though we know that our ‘Gods‘ are depicted as bisexuals in the scriptures.                                               There was this one TV serial I was watching the other day, more of a reality show, in which there was this girl who got eliminated. Now, when she is leaving, she is asked what relation she had with this other girl. And you know what she said?                                                                   She says, “Yes. I know she’s bi. (bisexual) but so what? I love her, I do have feelings for her.” After her this statement, every person in the show started mocking them and insulting them. This is what pissed me off.                                                                                   The one thing that I have noticed is that the parents themselves don’t accept their child being a bisexual. Then how in the blue world are the other humans going to do it? Please. They are just as capable as you and me! Perhaps more than us too. 

11846387_977075822332146_1288431970_n (1)

Bisexuals? Eh. What about women? We all know about their condition. And I must say that it is increasing. Well, maybe.

Equality isn’t just about treating the others the same way you do to yourself, its about knowing that it doesn’t matter if we are a girl, a guy or gay. If we are rich or poor, we look pretty or not. It’s about being a functioning human who solely has an advanced brain and is capable of doing wonders. Why do such stuff then?                                                     These are just a few of “equality deficient” areas. Plenty of them remain unturned. But I hope that it will be better someday. And my friends, hope is some strong mountain which cant be moved and shan’t be.

Keep Hoping 😉

~Manasvi N. 🙂

#bisexuals #equality #humanrights #india

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