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Back to medieval times.

To be honest most of our ‘Discovering Ahmedabad’ tour happens on the other side of the city. The walled city, as usual. Continuing our previous visits and meeting the man behind the decorated rickshaws.( see that post here ) We next went to the Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, which is one of the most Important and famous mosque of Ahmedabad.

finding peace.

It was the late morning maybe around 10 or 11 am. So, this most common behaviour of ours; is that we cannot calm our curiosity level’s when we explore something new. We reached out to the place with cameras and reasons to why we were here, so to give the people a genuine reason of our entry, we actually don’t come up with a complicated reason to explain because as such they believe that we come from a good institution or college for our projects. Half of the work is done here!

Actually this building was never completed with the tenth semi-circular window. The most attracting thing about this mosque is; the windows. Or say the Sidi Saiyyed ni Jaali which representsthe tree of life, illustrating the palm trees, which has also become a symbol of pride; of our city for its intricate and famous lattice work.

the beautiful jalli. they symbol of Ahmedabad!

The place was so majestic, calm and peaceful, that the whole scene could be depicted In a short story, middle aged men sitting on benches, chit chatting about maybe finance & family, old men preying, some sitting over a small pond created in the corner, with fishes in it, and also a small water body for pigeons to bathe and carry on their usual life.

passing values and blessings

things around it…

It gave us a sense of religious belief, maybe not for all the people, But It did! There was a small garden at the back to sit and enjoy the beauty of the jaalis, and city, which we usually do as explorers!

from the garden.

By the end, hunger is the second thing which makes us move and search for good place to eat In the nooks and corners. And we continued in search of some good experience as well…


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