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Human beings are the most complicated creatures in this universe, probably because human beings are all we focus upon. It feels so strange and weird to even think about extra-terrestrial beings or anything outside our reach. We are limited, our thoughts, our perceptions are limited. We cannot get our hands on everything, we cannot define everything. We don’t even know how much of this planet is left for us to discover or as I’d like to say, destroy. But the thing is we don’t even understand and work upon the things that we are well aware of. Human beings, human emotions are the first things that we witness as soon as we’re born. The first time we open our eyes, we see humans; the first time we talk, human talks back. But let us go back to the first line of this paragraph, ‘Human beings are the most complicated creatures in this universe…’. And I am a human being (unfortunately), who’s saying it and not all of you would disagree.

How many conflicts do we go through on an everyday basis? On a micro as well as on a macro level. We go through conflicts in our home, on the streets, in the college or school, with our friends and parents and strangers and acquaintances. We witness conflicts among the nations or inside a nation. Every day there’s a conflict. Conflicts of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and actions. Humans don’t understand humans. Their behavior is subjective towards everyone and everything, but still, somehow we manage to have stereotypes and objective attitudes towards specific things or actions. Complicated, isn’t it?

We have languages, we have words, we have definitions for everything, tangible or intangible, on this planet. We perceive things the way we want to, even though our perception is influenced by the external environment more than we know. We know that we have the control over our perceptions but we also agree to the fact that we don’t have a control over our thoughts and emotions. It is scientifically proven that our attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish, but we still manage to rule over every other species on this planet. Complicated, isn’t it?

We have so many complications, yet we are one proud species. What are we even proud of? Our cultures? Each of it possesses the value of unity and yet there are so many of them. Complicated, isn’t it?


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