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Birds in paradise

‘Tomorrow we are going to a painting. Exhibition’

Painting exhibition’s are new for me, but not for this girl who lives just in the fantasia of colors and paints.


She said in her typical, irritating, but in a way a cute style, always ready to get inspired from such exhibitions’

So we, All dressed up, showing off we entered to a whole new world, of art. Of colors. Art gives out an amazing vibe, you feel so positive and you start appreciating all the things around you, the simple ceiling of the building turns beautiful, or just the way the flowers bloom and their mysterious colors brings a smile to your face. It’s truly said, Art has a power. All of these paintings were abstract art. On our blog we talked about the meaning of the strokes, the inside story of the colors and how it is all mysterious (If not read, read it here) So roaming around that gallery we realized how much stories this abstract art has to tell? How much emotion does this art has in it? We all interpret it very differently, but the painter has something else to say through that. You can never understand abstract art wholly, I guess not even the painter defines  it’s true life. All abstract has a life in it itself. I will talk about one such art today. It is called ‘The birds of paradise’.

Looking at that painting we appreciated the colors and the details a lot on them. If you notice the painting closely, you will see many birds interrelated and interconnected to each other. But what do those birds have to say to you? What do those colours say to you?

All those birds are different. All interconnected. All in unity. But diverse. Just like us. Like the people of India. With this painting I remembered the old times when we were not born, times about which we just have heard stories about. About our independence. We got freedom only because those different groups of people, those different cultures became ONE. Became one, and used that strength against the Britishers. Our country is alive by its cultures Our cultures define India Our diversity built’s this place. This is one of our major strengths! Unity in such a diversity. Think about this, when different people come together, when different cultures work together,  then this place where we live in can turn into something so beautiful! Not only people. Our nature works that way too! All interdependent and united. These birds do not even look like birds. They just resemble them. They are a model of who we are. What this country is. What do we want to do? Appreciate the strength in our diversity or complain about the majestic country where we live in?

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