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Black Sheep

Advisory: I genuinely have no intentions to hurt any of your feelings for your ‘God’. But if i do offend you, you are free to knock my head off.

It is not that we don’t have ‘pressure’ of studies on us like the science people have. We do have it, but Being humanities’s students we know how to neutralise that pressure, the key is to do everything, and I mean it, along with studies. So we, the “M cube” prefer exploring our friendship along with the city.

This one was the best. I know that’s what we say every freaking time, but it indeed was, because we had not even planned the place we had to visit and not even thought of the time when we had to wake up. So, it was decided to go to a place, or, to be precise a temple. Hutheesing temple, a Derasar.

When we step on the premises, a gush of cool breeze is what welcomes us. Well, you see I am an Atheist, so a temple is not my kind of place, but the aura had me on the first sight. There’s this majestic big tower there, which is a part of the temple and it has beautiful carvings. But, that is not what I liked about it. What I loved about this pillar was that it was a home for a family of tiny squirrels. Even if a person is a terrorist and yet he donates his money to some needy organisms (I deliberately say organisms), I am sure he gets a small corner of the heaven. That is how the temple system works for me. It is a home for animals and some humans.

We now head towards the main building. Pure awesome architecture is what it is. In the middle is a big statue of the god and a whole lot of tiny statues surround this ‘Main God’ statue. Trust me, all the statues, more than 30 probably, were EXACTLY the same to me. Some of them were black, and the rest were white. But they were same nevertheless. Okay. So now we come to know that we can go upstairs, to the terrace of this home and so, we hop up. That is where we get to see the actual beauty of the place. I can’t describe what it was to be there.

We sat there for a while, not talking, just taking in all the things, and then we leave. Well, just this much exploring didn’t at all feed our monstrous minds which craved to explore more. So, we go to this place called, Manek Burj. It is just a tiny tower that was a viewpoint years ago. You can practically see the river view along with a different angle to look at our city. That was amazing too! A serene place.

But our mind says, “nah! Not enough brother.” So, we move our 40+ kgs (The value may vary) to The Bhadra Fort. That place is in ruins. It cannot be maintained in a better way than it is being done now. So now, what you can do here is, visit this Bhadrakali Temple (yes. Again a temple) and then take the office’s permission and go on the top of the fort. Which was The best of The best. The things I loved are listed below:                                         EVERYTHING                                                                                     


Okay. Concentrating on the fort, visiting that place is to be added in your “to do” list. A calmness enraptured us, inspite of the hubbub going on downstairs. There is a huge market between this fort and The Teen Darwaza. But the noise from this market could do nothing to destroy this calmness.                                                                                                               Like every good thing ends, this place was to be left alone again. And the parting from that dog was horrible, I must say. After thanking the office people, we head towards the Teen Darwaza. But, we are interrupted by this giant elephant! All the memories of Gulabo came rushing back to me. We play with him and then go to the Teen Darwaza.


This place is a set if Three huge doors and in the center most door is something you are not going to believe. There is this flame which has been burning from 600 years. Provided that the oil is filled every time it needs to be, but 600 years? Something more astonishing is that there is a family who actually stay there, and it is their family tradition to keep the flame alive. Cam you imagine? The uncle told us that his dad died at the age of 100 doing the same job. Oh my Dog! Isn’t that unbelievable? Taking all this in, we go to our sole transportation means. The BRTS station and we head back home. In total awe.


Yes. We are the Black sheep in your heard of white ones. And we are proud of it.

That is all for this time.                                                                                                 Wait for our next visit to some place you never heard of!

~Manasvi N. B)

Picture courtesy: param gutka

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