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Being individuals, it is not uncommon for us to feel stuck or trapped in something; be it our families or our lifestyles. And, as captured as we feel, every single one of us tries to get out of that vicious trap, the monotonous cycle of our life in the form of expressions.

But what about things which cannot emote like we do?

Animate beings whose expressions are beyond our interpretation?

This thought led me to think about inanimate things which are not alive, but, are still captured by something or somewhere; or, even animals for that matter, hence, the theme. The reason behind opting for monochrome pictures, however, was that colors, as important as they may be, tend to distract us. Our attention derails from what is supposed to be in focus by these colors, thus, defeating the purpose.



1. take into one’s possession or control

2. record accurately in words or pictures.

Here are some examples of the word Captured.

The embryo, captured within the eggshell, is trying to break through.

The spider weaves its web, preparing for its prey to get captured.

The captured liquid is attempting to ooze out of the bottle.

The captured bird is longing for an escape from its prison.

The sapling looks up to its counterpart, hoping to elope from its captured state.

The earlier captured rays of light fight through their way to find another home.

The eyes of the dog are quenched by looking upon the endless possibilities beyond the space he is captured in.

The sleeping cat is captured in its own dreams, trying to solve the enigma.

Captured by men, the cow craves to lose its restrains and runaway.

The drain has captured her long strands of hair, refusing to be alone.

– Manasvi Nag.

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