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Nathi Nonsense in collaboration with Musafir is coming up with a new chapter, for the art enthusiasts; “DARMIYAAN” meaning ‘in between’. In Darmiyaan we will encourage you to acquire and share some knowledge about the existing ART around us, which will in turn help us all learn and become better at what we as individuals are.

For the first chapter we are focusing on LITERATURE. The concept is simple; you read and share the pieces of literature you liked. We believe that reading makes us a better artist and, in today’s happening world, we are all losing the essence and habit of reading.

Thus, this time we will perform NOT WHAT WE HAVE WRITTEN, but, what both LOST and RENOWNED ARTISTS HAVE CREATED, so that we can recreate the culture of reading and elevate ourselves together.

To break the mundane routines of our Monday to Friday schedule, we thought that all of us deserve a break somewhere ‘in between’ and thus, this is an initiative to rejuvenate and get lost in the world of art and literature.


Terms and Conditions: 1. There are ONLY 25 seats available, to register for the same, click on the link attached. 2. All those who chose to register and participate will have to perform AT LEAST ONE PIECE literature by any author or poet of your choice. 3. If you are performing a piece of poetry, you can perform NOT more than 2 pieces; and, if it is a short story or a one act play, then you are allowed to perform just 1 piece.

For Registering, please click here

For any queries, drop us a mail at

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