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Darmiyaan 2.0

Nathi Nonsense, in collaboration with Musafir and Tvak Designer Studio, is coming up with the Second edition of DARMIYAAN, which translates to ‘in between’. Darmiyaan will encourage you to acquire and share some knowledge about the existing ART around, which, in turn will help us all learn something more. We don’t restrict ART to mere paintings and illustrations; but, we welcome any other forms of creative expression as well. In the second chapter, we are focusing on the AESTHETICS OF ART, which, according to the Sanskrit literature is a ‘Rasa’ . A Rasa means an essence of something. It signifies a concept in Indian Arts about the aesthetic flavor of any visual, literary or musical work, that evokes an emotion or a feeling in the reader or the audience, but that cannot be described in mere words. There are 9 Rasas in total, but, in Darmiyaan we will be focusing on these following 3 Rasas: 1. SHRUNGARA RASA- Sringara Rasa usually translates to erotic love, romantic love, or as attraction or beauty. 2. HASYA RASA- Hasya Rasa symbolizes humourous or comic works of art such as sarcasm, satire, self-deprecation, and irony. 3. KARUNA RASA- Karuna Rasa indicates a pathetic sentiment in which grief is the permanent state. Discouragement, weakness, anxiety, impatience, agitation, distraction, weariness, fear, sorrow, depression, insanity are all examples of Karuna Rasa.

The theme of the artwork you perform in Darmiyaan 2.0 has to be in context with any one of these Rasa. You can present your own work, or, quote an existing artwork.The focus, however, should be on the ‘Rasa’.

GUIDELINES: 1) There are no Language Barriers; however, the experience will be better for the audience if they can understand the language. 2) There are no registrations, so just walk in! 3) The central theme of your artwork must be one of the 3 Rasas.

here are some photos from the event-

An informal poetry event focusing on the 3 rasa, shrungar rasa, karna rasa and hasya rasa. Here are come pictures taken… Posted by Nathi Nonsense on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

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