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Dear Humans

There is really no point writing this to you but I am doing it anyways. I feel very sorry for us and very ashamed of you. Who has given you the right to pollute our home? You do it shamelessly, regardless of the fact that there is already enough plastic waste in the ocean to cover almost all of the land on earth. Imagine yourself being in a room where you step on a banana peel with every stride you take. That’s how the situation here is for us. And in some parts, it is even worse. At first we had thought that you will stop doing it someday but then as the amount of waste coming into our home started to increase with each passing day, we lost our hopes. You run movements to stop the use of plastic but do you really stop using it? You create trending hashtags like #StopUsingPlastic, #BanPlastic, #BeatPlastic and what not but do you ever come out of the virtual world and follow the hashtags in real? We know that you don’t. You too know that you don’t. Now, it is high time that you stop this. I feel pity on our kind because we aren’t able to do anything against you. Had God given us the power to fight this battle on our own, we would have taken all this dump out of the ocean and would have thrown it back in your homes. Really.

But all we can do is request. So consider this as the humblest one. We beg you to stop throwing plastic waste into oceans, because banning the use of it seems to be out of the picture for you.

Please, for our future, for your future and for our planet’s future.

And while writing this to you, I wonder how many more trucks would’ve dumped waste into the ocean.

-Just another marine animal




Post by:- Purvang J.

Image courtesy:- National Geographic

#BanPlastic #WaterPollution #StopPlastic #Plastic #Pollution #OceanPollution

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