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Dear R

Dear R, This letter is coming out of the blue, right when you are least expecting to read something like this. So before you start, make sure you are recording yourself. I’d love to see your reactions while you’re reading this. So much filmy, ain’t I? Now you’d say ‘we both are’. Well, it is one of the biggest similarities between us. We started talking in the most pop culture-ish way possible, through and Instagram stories. After 24 days, we discovered how much both of us love the movie Tamasha. I am waiting for the trip that we’ve planned to Santorini Island (our version of Corsica) or Udaipur (if we are running low on budget), and have all the feels of Ved and Tara. I can’t believe how quickly we got connected. Not a single day would pass without us talking. I have made a list of all the songs that you’ve suggested me till date and I’ve titled the playlist by your name. There are 103 songs already in it and counting. So when we’re on that perfectly planned trip, I’d play a perfect song for every moment. Again, very filmy. I might have never told you this but today I will. I love that mole on your left cheek a lot and your long hair too. Damn. They make you look all the more pretty. And do you drink honey in the morning? Because your voice is so sweet. I’m sure you’re going to say that this is the worst pickup line ever. It is. But it is for the best, for you. And you, bring out the best in me. You know how Tara helped Don to come out of Ved? You do that to me, even if you’re sitting hundreds of miles away. I remember you telling me that ‘distance never matters’. You’re smart enough to figure out where I’m leading this to. But before you read further, find a place to sit down. Stay calm and take a deep breath. Now imagine me in front of you, kneeling down with a pack of French fries in my left hand and a ring in my right, asking you to be my girlfriend. And if that was too filmy, here’s the simple one. I love you. Make me yours and be mine? Love, PJ

-Purvang Joshi

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