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Dear women,

Dear women,

You are not this. The vulnerable you right now is going through a roller coaster both, inside her mind and heart, I know.

I know, when someone looks at you, the first thing that comes in your mind is fear.

But, You are not this.

I know you hate yourself, for letting your emotions overpower your reason all the time. I know you feel ashamed of the less skin and flesh you possess.

But, you are not this.

There is a lot of passion inside you, screaming and trying to get out, the one which tells you that whatever you are thinking just does not matter! But somewhere your outer being, your flesh and bones mock you. Mocks the misery that you are. And I know how you lose each and every time!

But, You are not this.

But, let me tell you, You are not this.

But, You are not this.

You are a power, much higher than any of this. The world outside is waiting for this splendid creation that you are, You are the only YOU in this whole universe and you think you are not special?

Oh Look! Those stars and the moon far far away from here are looking at you with admiration. They see in you the love and kindness that they have not seen anywhere. They see in you, a spark that you have not seen in yourself.

I don’t know if these words describe the calming beauty that you are, I don’t know if, like those compliments you get from people, this just makes you more sad and miserable.

But the fact that you are the strongest YOU and the most beautiful YOU in this whole universe will not change because of your beliefs.

If the universe and that inner being inside you filled with passion and enthusiasm chooses you for the purpose you are still unaware of, why don’t you choose to believe in the person you are?

This is who You are.

And oh, Women,

Just how beautifully amazing you are.

~your inner self.

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