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*click click*

Add to contacts.


Saved Successfully.

‘Wait, what did you just save?’ I asked myself. Feeding some numbers to my granddad’s new phone, I realised I had just saved a number who had lost it’s owner lately. My uncle, who owned the number, died more than a year ago.

What is Death?

Is it the feeling of abandonment for the cellphone numbers, the FaceBook profiles and the unfinished e-mails?

Or is it something else?


‘I love you baby’, said the blushing man, flushing with emotions, sitting on his knee, offering a beautiful Red, but dead, Rose to his beloved.

‘Aww, you didn’t have to do this honey! I love you too’ replied her overwhelmed and fidgety girlfriend, gently plucking the grass from the garden, they sat in, down the street.

The lovers lay there, giggling in the moon, all happy and lively. They lay with the lifeless bodies of the Rose and its fellow grass mates, empty and void.

What is Death?

Is it what the rose must have felt, whilst being plucked away from his life? Is it pain and a sudden need of a refuge? Is it a relieving medicine on a sudden bruise?

Or is it something else?


‘I’m tired and hungry mum’, the little tiger cub squeaked to his mom, The Tigress. Climbing a slightly raised terrain, the Tigress said, ‘yes baby, i have hunted a juicy rabbit for you. It’s Right here.’

The beast presented her work in front of her only boss, her child.

Impressed by his role model, as always the Cub swelled with pride but eventually, relentless hunger took over the cub and he ate the entire tiny animal.

What is Death?

Is it the feeling of enlightenment when you give away all you have for no apparent reason, and that too, for a stranger? Is it the feeling of desolation one feels while sitting at an edge of a mountain?

Or is it something else?


*blood curdling screaming*


The surrounding of utter chaos and Riots slowly faded his plea for help out of the conscious of everyone around.

Nobody cared who and how anyone died, because their own lives mattered to them so much more!

His body was found only after a couple of days, by the policemen.

Stinking. Decaying.

And the flies, Feasting.

Head Constable, Mr. Sharma, puked his belly out upon this sight!

What is Death?

Is it the point in time when you refuse to accept the fact that a lifeless body cannot be attractive? Is it the moment when ice cold water and fire meet?

Or is it something else?


“Aye Sonali look! This Live video is weird.”

Sonali and Ram peeped through their laptop screens, into the life of some young man, trying to hang himself. At first it was a funny sight, afterall, who would kill himself in front of the entire world?

“CANNOT DO IT ANYMORE” spray-painted on the wall behind the boy could be clearly seen, even through the laptop. Slowly the boy started turning red and Sonali and Ram felt helpless.

Later, it came in the news that Aditya, a 17 year old boy, had committed suicide and he had done so while he was “online” on some social networking site, so that the world could see him choke himself and he could be known by everyone, at least when he died.

What is Death?

Is it an Asset, to be given away, in return of something you crave for? Something called Peace? Is it a liability, which must have efforts put in, to make it work?

Or is it something else?

“The end of the life of a living organism” is how DEATH is defined.

But how do you get to know what it actually is?

Death can be an asset, it can be abandoning the body, leaving your family, feeling of desolation, feeling of content and what not?

With so many vast topics to talk about, my brain’s pointer stops at this very word

D E A T H.

What is Death?

Is it simply dying?

Or is it something else.

~Manasvi Nag

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