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Deciphering Nature.

Tell me who I am.

Drag me to my origin.

No one stops you in doing it, perhaps it is just you pulling yourself away. You dealt with me; “can’t withstand your words” is what impedes you. Then, I suggest you to change the grave Theonym dug. No one’s happy with their life and it seems that no one will ever accept who they really are. There I start ascending up, approaching infinity. I’ll presume it to be the black hole for its absence, in case I don’t find infinity.

How on earth could that possibly happen?

This isn’t Earth, this is a celestial interstellar, deeper than the deepest. I happened to land myself in this all-white space which appeared black from earth having no temperature, no life. Is this the fifth dimensional world that happened to be an unproved theory?

I am functional, but nowhere to go, there is no direction. This certainly explains the mishappenings inside the Bermuda Triangle. My mind has already escaped after the unsatisfied odyssey that I’ve been through. Imperatively, was it my instinct that brought me here or was I never alone? It ends up becoming implausible.

I defined ‘afterdeath’ as a rendezvous with the already dead and start a new beginning as a cub, a larvae, or maybe a foetus, in case I get lucky. But that doesn’t seem to be happening which truely proves that people who are alive cannot have a definition of ‘afterdeath’.

I’ve been walking for miles, but I see nothing. As a matter of fact, I can only assure you that I am moving. Although I do not feel the gravity, perhaps, I am the gRAVIty. I don’t even know if I am trapped for, I experience no pull nor any force in this place by the name of “Paradise”.

Is this a paradox, that I feel pinioned in the paradise?

I wish to be alive to each and every moment. How the movement of the fishes would go by you, underwater; the way silence survives in the chaos made by the wind gushing right next to your ears when you dive off a cliff.


In the absence of Thee, how satisfied would people die a natural death. Is it a prediction resulting in a success/failure or is it a GAME. Had there been no “Processes”, how would our lives run? Immortality or Reproduction?

Majority of us have no faith in immortality and choose reproduction to survive. But the very few believers intend to prove the existence of immortality and are in a want to create the second option equally available. Maybe they don’t believe it’s for real unless someone plays hard to get it. We can’t bail the minute things, they get rough, trust me.

The discovery has begun, and the pioneer just left. Another step forward, a whole new beginning.

Entire room shattered.

I see Drama.

The sweet innocence inside me has turned into rivalry, it’s devastating. Meticulousness unseen. And all of a sudden everything seems pale. The window, the door, the pathway looks lifeless; nor is a man full of life. What really is alive is the ‘air’. It speaks, it flows, it dances. I could do nothing but watch it rising from where it was and where it is now. Even riches Humans might not have had a thought to touch, touch the highest high.

nature favours

Talking about the stratosphere, the leather is looking at me, ‘ pleading to talk’. Leather (non movable) which i assumed to be lifeless makes some movement. For a while, there is peace, dead silence that no LIFE can bare. Every man today is looking for peace; inside him.

But that is not it in case of artists, they need movement, they feel every move every step and every bit of every human activity. Human species is running errands to settle problems, and the artist makes a mockery out of ’em, “how could someone possibly love silence”. It is a sceptical approach to the nature of miracles. And I hear a “cry”; an infant, smarter than the adults, chooses to ignore the world but believes in ‘earth’. There is a misconception between two terms, called World and Earth; they are poles apart in person. All they have in common is the shape. When the humus mixes with the earth by the virtue of rain, it creates an ‘Aura’ of natural integrity, and its belief. While the ‘world’ doesn’t find it beautiful. Look at the Hawaiians dancing pleasantly, bowing before the sound nature produces and that faith in nature is lost today. Are we faking more than Orgasms (a need). We don’t put it out there unless we are sure it’s coming back. All we need to do is ‘nothing’. No one’s asking you to do these odd jobs by giving the nature it’s respect. That just can’t be forced or intended. Had there been anything ‘bad’ done by nature; we would scream, “how the hell did we get into this mess?”


We have no one to blame but our own self. So let’s just stop being pragmatic. Had Shah Jahan been that practical then; who would have created a wonder as great as The ‘Taj Mahal’ to just bury his beloved wife.

Our lives will end up becoming an IRONY.

So always remember, Nature favours!

ravi painting

~ Painted And Written By Ravi Patel : artist

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