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Dedicated to you

I know this crazy girl since the first day of my school life adventure. 12 years have passed, since we both are friends. And precisely that’s why i am writing this post, which let me tell you is going to be quite informal. And if you still did not get why we posting this, let me tell you. This brat yet kinder than anybody known as Meghna Chakravarti by the world, has turned 16 today. Knowing her it might seem like a joke, but knowing her a bit more and knowing her like us, you will get to know that she is beyond her age! So meghu, my sister from an another mother and manasvi’s JJ we wish you a very happy birthday and an amazing future ahead. 🙂 You like the extra cheese in any pizza of our life. Making it more spicy, yummy and our most favourite! Haha!

From the bus journey, to going to art classes together, to same tuitions in 8th and 9th, to meeting manasvi in jeet’s academy, to us forming the m cube, to being hippies and then to starting nathinonsense. This journey has been adventurous and crazyy!. With millions of memories cherished and with millions of memories still left to make.

Meghna. Is the most sensitive one of us, but try saying a word against her morals and watch your life getting decomposed. She is the laziest sloth you could ever meet, but when she has her brush and her colors, no one possess the power to stop her. The lamest jokes are cracked by her and the strongest emotions are expressed by her. No need of saying that I love you, Meghna. Because family members don’t say it. They just know it. And we are a family. Enough for each other. Meghna, you don’t have to have anybody other than us, we are enough maybe. 🙂

(Manasvi nag)

We do consider you an artist, an amazing painter and an incredible talent holder! Like i did say before, we have got a forever friend, and that forever has no end. Life is easy when you have creatures like them beside you! We might have done possibly all the crazy stuff together, with some good and serious work to cover them up! We have laughed till our sides ache, and we have cried our hearts out till those shoulders went wet. We your chuddy buddies, we like family, we the manasvi’s of your life wish you a happy sweet 16. 🙂 prepare the pizza’s and increase the volume of those speakers, its partyy timee!

To all those reading this, make bonds more than just talking, make bonds more than chatting. Do crazy stuff together, annoy each other, party together, cry together, smile together. Share your happiness which each other. Those friend’s that you have should be responsible for your happiness. And yess do break rules! We do that a lot. Do not set any boundaries in a relationship so beautiful known as friendship. When we look back in our lifes, we see smiles on our faces because of each other. We share the same genrè. We share a bond. We share a friendship beyond words. I hope you do too. 🙂

And Meghu we love you a lot. Thanks for everything! You keep smiling through that beautiful face. And yess we will be responsible for that smile!

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