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Dreaming every time I sleep.

Every night I dream.

In the wake of time,

As I am asleep at night,

My mind stays awake all night.

Imagination runs wild.

With no control, on my high.

Wait a while,

Let’s go on a journey, way too wild.

She comes in my dreams.

She comes when I sleep.

She comes as I weep.

She won’t stay long.

She won’t even talk.

But she plays with my heart and soul.

But she takes away my peace and time.

And she makes me walk a thousand miles.

And I do.

And I don’t know why,

But I let her take away my breath every time.

I wander around in an aimless stride.

Hoping to see her,

Just passing me by.

I dreamt of her,

With every breath I had.

But didn’t realize,

she’ll take it all,

Without even a smile.

She doesn’t know,

What she does to me.

She doesn’t know,

What she takes from me.

As I dream of her every night.

I let her take away,

My every right.

Peehu gulati.

Thank you for such a beautiful post.

More guest posts welcome.

#dreamcatcher #dreaming #holding #staystrong

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