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“It was the summer of 2020, the year I started talking to her. People mostly remember it as one of the worst in history. It was different for me, though. People say they had a really bad time, the pandemic really messed it up. As far as I remember, people were locked inside their houses for about some 100 days or so and I guess some 700 thousand people died until this ridiculous cure was discovered which again killed some hundred people with its side effects before it was finally rectified. I don’t really care because my life wasn’t great even before the whole virus thing. It wasn’t great but I never complained. I was a very busy man, you know. I was a hardworking man. People in the store were very fond of me, they said I am their favourite employee. Sometimes Joey would share cigarettes with me, he doesn’t talk much but he was my friend, I tell you.

One day in mid-April, I went home from work and I was watching TV, with juice and I was smoking my cigarette. At this time of the day I watch Trevor’s show but I was really bored of the repeats, so I decided to watch the news. They said this virus was getting out of hand and that there was going to be a lot of changes in the economy, I did not understand any of that. Suddenly, my phone rings and Danny, my friend and my manager, told me the stores are going to be shut for a long, undetermined time, so I should come to the store to get my advance the next day. So I went the next day and got my advance, they were all a little rude and were very seriously discussing something but I did not care, Kyle was waiting for me. Oh Kyle is my cat, he loves me.

For the next few weeks, I was home, all alone. My cable got cut and I have no idea why, but I still had my phone. I used to watch a lot of porn and my friends tell me I should not say this in public. I like porn. Every day, I would wake up at 9am and make some coffee for me and pour some milk for Kyle. He never finishes his bowl, but I am fine until he’s healthy and playful. Then I would take a long shower with Kyle, he’s smelly you know. Then I would just carry on with my day stuck to my phone, make dinner for both of us and then sleep again. I never had to go out and I was never out of food, I’ve always kept a stock of good meat in my house. I felt a little frustrated and bored so one day I decided to make a dating profile. I’ve never fallen in love, I tell you and I thought maybe this can change a few things. That is when I met Maria. We matched and God! She was beautiful. She was the most beautiful girl I had seen in my entire life. She told me she lived in Venezuela. She also told me they don’t get alcohol there, what? Stupid country. Anyway, she liked me and she sent pictures of herself without wearing anything, it still makes me blush. She said she wanted to come to me and sleep in my house. She liked me a little too much but it is okay, she was just a crazy girl.

We talked and talked, day and night. All the time! And then one day she told me that she was in love with me, as if it wasn’t obvious, crazy girl. But after thinking for some time I told her that I loved her too. I mean, we would not look bad with each other. So now I had a girlfriend. She was really nice and cute. I promised her that I would marry her as soon as the flights work again but she insisted on coming to me instead. It didn’t make much of a difference so I told her that I would send her some money and she can come here, people are really poor in her town, I tell you. Till then, we would exchange pictures every night and she would say dirty words to me, still makes me blush. I watched, comparatively, lesser porn after that. I liked Maria’s body better than most of the pornstar’s, not all though. She liked my body too, she always told me she wanted to do dirty things to it, dirty girl.

The authorities lifted the lockdown on the 27th of July, 2020 and as soon as I got to know I booked my girlfriend a plane ticket to Duluth. She told me she can board the plane on her own but I need to pick her up when she lands here, what a kid. I booked a flight ticket for the 3rd of August but…”

Officer Coles: “Chris? Is he? Chris what happened when she landed?”

Officer Harrington: “I think he’s… Bill, I think he’s dead.” Media report, 5th January 2022: After brutally murdering a 17-year-old Latin American girl from Venezuela and scattering her body all over his apartment in an inhuman and monstrous manner, Christopher Willington died during an on-going confession at Minnesota State Hospital, where he was admitted after a deadly crash in a stolen car. “Mr. Christopher has passed away during an ongoing confession but the authorities do not intend to leave the case hanging. We have collected a good amount of information and a good amount of names that we can investigate. I can assure you, that this case, this inhuman crime will not be overlooked and we will ensure that the victim gets justice. We have recovered most of the body parts and it seems like there were more than one victim but we are not sure of it yet. We recovered a skinned part of Maria’s face from the refrigerator inside Chris’s apartment along with a few ripped, other frozen body parts. We have recovered multiple objects that might have been used as weapons, but since most areas in the house have blood stains, we don’t know if all of these were used as weapons to kill and dissect the body or bodies. We have also recovered a corpse of a cat which seemed to have died 8-9 years ago. We have received several identity cards of employees from Chris’s workplace, who disappeared mysteriously between 2018-2020, Joseph Santiago and Danny Gill, to name a few. The apartment is a mess and has been sealed for further investigation. Even though Christopher suffered from Schizoaffective disorder, this was unacceptable at every level.” Officer Bill Cole, Federal Bureau of Investigation, stated on Tuesday, 4th January, 2022.

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