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F L O W E R S.

On the day a baby’s born, On the day he meets with an accident and is admitted in the hospital, On the days he feels blue, On the day he proposes a girl, On the day he is married, On the day he dies. There’s something which remains constant and that is the flowers.

I know this is kind of stupid but it is true! Isn’t it?

If at all you think about it and observe, the flowers which look ‘dull’ are thrown away and the ones which are ‘bright’ are used. Bringing into consideration the fact that the flower is dead. Ripped away from his home, his family or everything he had. And even though we are aware of this, we technically use dead things to bring life in our lives.

Perhaps if you compare the human life with that of a flower, the purpose is somewhat same. It will be truly incorrect to say that all the humans come under this category, but some of which who do can truly apply this to their lives.

So here it is, sometimes,you have to ‘pretend’ to be something that you are not. You show yourself as a chirpy creature who is always happy always and always make others laugh, which can in turn be compared to the ‘bright’ flower. But, from inside, you are DEAD. You are blank, empty, alone! There’s a void in you which you want to fill but can’t. You don’t show it, don’t express it but there is a point where you break. Where, perhaps, the real you comes out. You can’t be a joker anymore. You can’t do anything! You are empty!

So from an awesome lifestyle your life possibly turns to be empty. You want to be alive again but, well, you are Dead!

So how to be yourself again? I am thinking about it too! Keep being the Bright Flower.

P.S. : I know such stuff doesn’t suit me but, it’s okay sometimes (probably).

~Manasvi N.

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