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Finding Patterns

I always felt that I was weak in figuring out patterns.So I decided that I should try noticing patterns in my daily life or at least in that one thing that takes up most of my time – Instagram. I took a note of a few previous posts and the current one. I analysed them and I could predict the next three! To be honest I didn’t analyse and it wasn’t a big deal because they were all about the pandemic. And then a question struck me- what did we even talk about before this pandemic?

  1. US china trade war – something that threatened the world’s economy

  2. The protests that were being carried out across the globe.

  3. Community based hate crimes

  4. Division based on religion and

  5. Strong aversion towards people belonging to another culture

  6. We saw student protests and youth coming out on streets to support what they believed in.

It was such a relief to find out that there is a whole lot who thinks that religion shouldn’t be a tool to spread communalism for this will only result in divide and rule. A policy that SEEMS to be in the interest of the subjects (as it drives the subjects to think ‘united we fall, divided we stand’ ) but it benefits only the ruler.

What got me thinking is the fact that there is a section of society that tries to justify brutality and the chain of gruesome activities which are carried out in the name of preservation of culture and protection of one religion from another. And for religion,I think it started as a way of living. It gives a set of rules that guides people.

Some people have misinterpreted these rules and are using their twisted interpretations to misguide others.They have tossed out the idea of being tolerant, compassionate and human.Their whole narrative has shifted from a way of living to my way of living is better than yours and the slightest line of conflict that exists between our ways should be erased by blood.

I fail to see anything sane or holy in such crimes. But what is observable is – they are trading hostility for our fears. Our fears are the driving force behind such horrendous acts. It is like a classic defense mechanism – instead of defending yourself, be the first one to attack.

I found out that all of these have a pattern –

Misunderstanding arising from ignorance breeds fear and fear remains the greatest enemy of peace.

-Lester B. Pearson

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