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I’ve been going through something called “Writer’s Block” lately. This is said to occur when the ‘writer’ loses the ability to produce ‘new work’. But the problem with me is that I have endless ideas for new works and yet, I am unable to focus on anyone of them. So many things to think about, leave alone write; Good things Bad things And Everything.

Today, I have decided to break my block and write. So what should I start with? How I wish this wasn’t just a one-way communication. Anyway, let’s just start with my problem for now.

FOCUS. focus.

You know why I can’t focus? because of STRESS.

Stress reminds me of an incident which happened in Delhi in the month of September, this year. Something I read in the papers. Apparently, a student of 2nd grade had his throat slit by an unknown individual. Initially, the police had arrested a bus conductor who was allegedly involved in the murder. According to the story in the papers, the conductor sexually assaulted the kid and then killed him. But recent developments in the case led the police to release the bus conductor. In fact, the CBI have proof that the evidence against the bus conductor was planted by the police. (Read the full story here)

Now, the police have arrested a student from the same school who studied in grade 11. Surprisingly, the convict had confessed that he did commit the gruesome crime. He said he murdered the kid because of one simple reason; STRESS.

He said he was under stress and wanted an exam and the upcoming PTM (Parent Teacher Meet) to get postponed because he was expecting bad grades.

The reason I am stressing on Stress is that people lose their mind when it comes to stress and they can’t FOCUS. If a person as young as 16 can kill someone because of stress, then anyone can.

Focus, Stress; these are big terms. Let’s focus on smaller and more appropriate terms.

Life. Basic Necessities.

Do you think you have enough? No; I don’t think so. No one does. And if you think you do, you’re wrong. It’s human nature to want more.

Human Nature reminds me of a documentary I just saw about the lives of Muslim Rohingya population in Burma. (Watch the documentary here) The population of the Rohingya are suffering from the worst discrimination and human rights abuses of all in their own country. They are deprived of basic necessities including medical help, shelter and security. They can be seen, in this very documentary and several other platforms where these people are being recognized, wanting a normal life where they don’t have a gun on their heads all the time and where they are not termed as “refugees” or “prisoners”.

I absolutely fail to understand why the political agendas and the thirst of power for some people always leads to a major compromise of innumerable lives. And, if I’m wrong in saying that it’s completely nonsensical to just ruin so much potential resource because of a mere want, shoot me.




These terms don’t make sense when they’re just put loosely now, do they?

Well, they have been hovering in my brain, just like this, with many more term-friends of theirs, from a very long time now; and you are now welcome to have these mates too!

-Manasvi Nag.

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