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FYI: Delhi Gang Rape Case Reopens.

We Indians need something or the other for creating a fuzz. And the best gossip that any of us can have, is Bollywood. Every person will be literate about it!

They have their own list of movies, actors, actresses to gossip about. For instance, our recent judgement of Aamir khan. We all know who he is. He is an actor, an Indian and a Muslim.

Firstly, why does everyone have to categorise and generalize that being a Muslim is  something sinful? Eradicating this mentality is a far fetched dream. Anyway, for those who do not know what I am talking about, there was this big controversy build up on a harmless statement that he gave, ‘India is intolerant, my wife and I are thinking about leaving India’.

Firstly, these are not the only  things he said. Before judging I request all of you to know the actual story behind it. He was asked about his views towards the protests happening in our country. He said that every individual has the right to protest if that protest does not harm someone physically. And also, we as Indians should feel secure and safe. The newspaper with such news alarms him, he said.

When asked about his feelings, he said that he is not angry, but he feels depressed and upset about what is happening in India, he said that with the time, the security issues are increasing and it is thus intolerant for citizens like me too!

When asked about terrorism and its relation with Islam, he said that there is no connection of any religion with terrorism. One is a simple terrorist, he is not an Islamic terrorist or Hindu terrorist. No religion asks you to kill innocent people.

Listen to the interview to understand what he was trying to say, here. Just passing comments or judgements won’t help.

In all of this, a very prominent story was not attended by any of us was, the reopening of the Delhi gang rape case. A juvenile, now 20, after spending 3 years in jail, is going to be free as a bird the following month. He was not 18 when he raped a girl, he was close to 18. So he was sent to a juvenile.

But were his acts like a minor?

Should a person be punished according to his age, or his acts?

He will be roaming around freely in the streets of India from the next month. And here all of us are busy gossiping about what Aamir Khan said.

What he said, is his view. You might disagree with it. But is that even important? Instead of protesting about the injustice Nirbhaya faced, we are concerned with Aamir khan’s one statement.

We can’t make a big difference. You all must be wondering what we can do, even if we know all this. But guys, your mentality helps. What you think matters. You can at least change those 2-3 people around you. The change starts with you. I am sad, for Nirbhaya. The country was united when she was in pain. But as they say feelings are temporary, maybe that is why we did not give a second thought to what is going on. Did she get justice?

And as of Aamir Khan, I respect him as an individual. He has his rights, plus his statement was misunderstood.

Don’t just be passive citizens; be active and be the change you want to see in the world because if we wait for the government or the people to change, you will be nobody, but just a mere citizen of this country.

Keep Thinking.

~Manasvi S. 🙂

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