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Gay Okay

I don’t want you to be okay with my sexuality

I don’t want you to accept my sexuality

I want you to be indifferent

I want that same indifference you showed when your friend talked crass about the woman who was wearing a bralette under her saree.

I don’t need to respond to your offensive comments on how you think the pride parade is a mere cry for attention.

I don’t think your opinions deserve my response.

What you deserve is some de-conditioning from the patriarchal values the society has bestowed on you.

I don’t care if you think bisexuality is just confusion or asexuality is a myth.

For someone who has been taught to worship mythology like it is the ultimate truth, what you need is a reality check.

Of how facts about alternate sexualities were deleted from textbooks, from mythological stories, from biology course modules, making way for faux doctors who claim to have done corrective therapies.

Forgetting that its not correction its murder of ones identity, of creating a personality that would rather be dead.

I don’t care if you think feminism is overrated.

I want you out of my bed

I want you

Out of my head

-anonymous, unfortunately.

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