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Get gone

What it takes to smile in comfort is perhaps more than a Greek salad-tuna slider- graham cracker crust cake; for there’s no reason to part your way with it Yes there’s sports too but you, you choose to kill art (atleast for a while) With the basic rush of anticipation that’s drowning with the sun making the sky alight, comes rogue astrology to, to savour the choices you make seeking validation. So you stand tall looking large, under the sky feeling centric to the revolving globes (multiple universes) and influenced by what’s above the planet under your shade Of things untold of you begin to make sense by bringing stars of different signs, closer to perform constellations that later fuse together becoming one proper star, larger than sun, powerful than your collaborated wisdom, and then something funny cracks…

– Ravi Patel

#Form #stars #visual

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