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Getaway to Abu Dhabi

Travelling has always been my passion. Exploring has always been my energy. A getaway to the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi, during my exams was indeed a beautiful journey. And this city did not fail to surprise me; it did not fail to change me.


Travelling is not just about visiting new places and seeing the world. It’s much more than that. It expands your boundaries; your uncomfortable zones are found and accomplished! It makes you grow and learn. You enter a new culture, a new city, a new vibe. You experience new things that you have never experienced before! You grow, you evolve and you expand.

I was in this city for 7 days. I stayed amongst those people for 7 days. And i found new and fascinating things each moment. I made memories, i got out of my fears, i made friends, i made myself into something more in these 7 days.

I will divide my journey into 5-6 posts depending upon the contents. I will not just share information about this city, but share my feelings towards this city. My adventures, my unreal fears. How I spent 7 days in UAE. These are my travel diaries.

Stay tuned to hear about a fun filled journey.

Happy reading J

Keep exploring and travelling

Manasvi s.

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