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Growing Up?


A beautiful past, an unreal reality for us. The times when we were immature and enjoyed being it!

Now if at all we behave immaturely  we feel bad for ourselves. The feeling was better in our ‘bachpan’

So what was the need to grow up when the feelings are still the same, but the perspective changed?


A memory made by us, shared by our family. The age where mistakes were laughed upon, and still they are laughed at! But in a different way. Childhood was so pure!

So why did we grow up,when the experiences were same, yet much more beautiful in our childhood?


A word used to explain immature behaviour. The phase where we did not understand anything and were happy with our own created world, and now we still do not understand things but are so sad and selfish about it.

Same feelings, yet childhood was much more beautiful.

So why did we grow up?

Child’s play.

A term used for the tantrums a child throws. We played, enjoyed and we used to live our lives with toys and with happiness that was without any regret, and now we play games, life games, we hurt people, we become selfish and those people doing it enjoys that. But really do they? If childhood was so beautiful, then why did we grow up?


But firstly, whats the definition of growing up. Its different for all.

Why has our angle changed towards life?

Why can’t we be immature and enjoy that?

Why can’t we cry?

Why are we afraid to make mistakes?

Why are we labeling stuff?

Get that out of your mind. A child lives in you.

The aspect of it is has been changed by the world, you do not have to change it!

A child is alive in you at any age.

Why did we grow up?

The answer is not known, but the unchanging reality is that we have grown up and there is nothing we can do about it.

Why cry about it then?

Why can’t the child be alive in a grown up?

Why can’t the perspective change?

It starts with you, your own self!

Be free!

Live your life on your own turns!

And never let the child inside you die, you will miss your real self if you do.

Do not let a part of you die.

Why did we grow up?

Well, we never did.

You have let yourself ‘grow up’.

Keep smiling and acting like a child!

~Manasvi s. 🙂

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