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He’s that kinda beautiful

He’s not just another person you meet, He’s someone you meet on a journey, And you dive a lil’ deeper, travel a lil’ farther, Just to listen to him a lil’ longer. He’s not someone you have a one night stand with. He’s someone you have a one night stand with and remember it. Not because he’s good at it but because he asked you if it hurts. He’s a singer who won’t sing ballads of your wit and beauty, But would rather sing Aladdin Motherfuckers on a midnight call. He’s a sculptor who with his riffler like conversations will etch you into something you always wanted to be. Something you always were, but weren’t aware. He’s an artist who won’t put your nakedness to carnal colours. But would rather paint you as an empress with a shield and a sword, fighting a war. He’s a dancer who won’t slow dance with his hand rested on your waist to Ben King’s ‘Stand By Me’ But would rather dance crazy with his hands up in the air to ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. He’s a dreamer who wants to build an empire, rule the world But binge watches ‘The Simpsons’ on rainy Sunday afternoons. He’s a traveller who won’t hold your hand in the crowd. But under the blanket of the stars would trace your stretch marks admiring the unmapped realms you conceal from the world. I can imagine, when God made him He cussed for the first time He turned to an angel, gave her a high five and said, “Goddamn! I’m good!” My love, He’s that kinda beautiful.

– Anandha Lekshmi

#dream #Ideal #imagination #love

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