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How much will ‘MOTHER’ India tolerate?

The hideous hunger of humans for power, money, and sex;

The muffled howl of anguish that was treated like any other ‘pending case’;

The pitiful eyes of people like you and me, after reading one of the 1, 05,443 newspapers/periodicals printed in our country,

Nature or crime does not seem to change in any.

That inevitable thought that follows after reading each of those newspapers,

Which again tells us that like every other time, justice would be delayed,

The same thought, thought by millions of people,

The same crime committed every DAY, 106 times to be precise.

The crimes reported- not reported keeps on fluctuating year after year,

Criminals like the rapists of the Nirbhaya rape case get a death penalty after 5-6 years,

Other less ‘horrific’ acts have a few years of imprisonment,

The uncle is called for dinner every Sunday in households where she was raped by him last night.

JUST 25.5% people are convicted,

And look at how happy we get, knowing that the rapists of Nirbhaya will be hanged,

Nirbhaya was just one case, what about the million others?

And oh, what about the pregnant goat who died after getting raped?

99.2% sexual violence reported amongst 80,000 women,

Marital rapes are one of the daily chores of the housewife,

Only 30% of workplace harassment is recorded,

Street harassment? Oh, let’s just not go there!

And thus, my father tells me to be EXTRA careful, I hate being careful.

No one teaches the criminals to be more careful,

The judiciary acts in the most careless way,

And, I? Do I have to be careful?

Wasn’t this a democracy where ‘citizens’ rule the nation?

Aren’t the words, ‘justice’ or ‘equality’ a part of our preamble?

Where, the citizens can protest,

Use their freedom of speech and expression to bring changes?

How many more candle marches?

How many more trending hashtags?

How much more of social media outrage you expect?

For the women to be safe?

How much will ‘mother’ India tolerate?

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