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I Expect & I Believe.

I have never written an article that’s relevant to the politics or the constitution’s contingencies of our great country, India. I never do because I don’t really have the required minimum knowledge of the agendas and the judicial infringement that apparently takes place more often than expected.

All of this in no proper sense would mean that I do not care. Obviously I would care when I come across that fatality figures of mankind and nature, I know there is something certainly very wrong.

Apparently, there’s more people like me among us.

I don’t want to call it the ‘Modi’ Government, for me, it’s the Indian Government and this is the reason why I still expect a lot. I cannot find deep loopholes, even though I agree there are a lot, because I’m always expecting the prosperity and looking at what got better.

To the followers, opposing a decision is a right but when we oppose to something crucial needed to be solved, the opposer’s duty is also to support the procedure of making that decision. If we keep pushing and never provide with better pulling up equipment, we would never get water out of the well. All I’ve ever witnessed is the opposition lashing out, criticising every single decision ever made. It does not seem very difficult to forget the purpose of elections. Technically, the competition or the race to win ends on the result day for the respective elections, but reality tells us that this contest is a never ending phenomenon where the general public suffers. These facts wouldn’t seem new to us, but that’s worse. I don’t want to drop cliche points about humanity. I, personally do not care who sits in the capital and whose party holds the majority. I want my country and its people fixed. That’s what they’re supposed to do but have clearly failed miserably.

I understand that there’s always gonna be problems and issues, it’s a HUGE country after all but why else do we have all the literature, more specifically The Constitution, that holds an answer or a procedure to almost anything. If it doesn’t and if it’s possibly wrong, it’s ours to alter. But again, here we are, a loop, a decision and for that a call for votes and an opportunity to oppose. I understand decision making can be really difficult when it comes to such a level, there are people legit dependent on a bunch of talkative individuals. What I do not understand is that when a novice such as I can see that the resources that my motherland has produced or still produces are misspent, misused and misdirected, why can’t these experts? I’m aware of the bitter truth here and so are you.

I would want to remind you, I don’t know anything about politics, as I mentioned earlier, but I know it when something goes very wrong. I can see it now, there’s something very very wrong, and I’m fortunately not the only person who feels this way, it’s almost everyone of us. I love it when we come out to raise our voices. I love it when we put our opinions out there. I love how we all think and act too, but we lose when we give up. We lose when our opinions and our inputs saturate. It’s our country and we are responsible for everything that goes on here. I believe in us, do you?

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