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I wish.

I wish I were a fashion doll,

with plastic head and feet.

I wouldn’t have to wash my clothes

nor pillow sheet.

I would never get a tummy ache

or sniffles in my nose,

I would always spend entire day

modelling pretty clothes.

I would never trip on the road ,

Fall and skin my knees.

I would never have to cough , shiver or sneeze!

I would have a car and a private swimming pool

Instead of piles of homework, that I do for school.

I would never strain a muscle while playing a cricket game,

No matter how much time passes by, i still look the same.

I would never let my hair go freak,

Or mop up a great big spill from a washing machine leak,

Or broom or brush or wipe or wax

Or dig down deep in my tote bag to get some sales tax

Or have to get up early when I really want to sleep,

Or negotiate a puddle when rain makes water deep.

I would smile all day and never have a care

With perfect skin, perfect smile and perfect hair.

There’s just one thing that would ever make me frown

When a little girl would grab my foot and hold me upside down!

~Sonali Sharma 🙂

Thank you Sonali.

Guest writers are always welcomed 🙂

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