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If You were a Hoarding!

Imagine yourself on the top of a tower.  Imagine hanging forever with a dozen spotlights on you, but nobody giving a darn. Imagine staring at one monotonous place without shooing away the birds that are hovering over you. Yes. That’s the life of a hoarding that we pass by every single time and don’t even bother to notice. They are, in a way, a motivation to all of us.


To stick to your aim. Be it poop that life throws at you. Like a same poster doesn’t hang on these iron pillars forever, life doesn’t just give you one problem.  There would be many! and yes they change with the time. They change with the demands you have. All you have to do is sheild your soul from such worms and get a pesticide to kill them. Be a hoarding that stands forever. Not the one which descends with every strong wind.

keep smiling 🙂

Manasvi N 😀

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