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It’s okay?

shush!!! do not make a single sound, he whispered in my ear. tears rolled down my cheeks as he took off my frock just 4 years old, I stood frightened and baffled His hands touched every inch of my body and I stood there unaware and in discomfort, my knees started hurting and I couldn’t stand on my feet my lips were swollen and my arms were scratched my body was shaking and trembling with every step of mine. he somehow managed to drag me to the bathroom and portray the image of me playing with the bucket of water. ‘shush its okay, you are a grown up now.’ he said and left I sat all alone and cried. mother came rushing with a towel Replaced my wet clothes with the dry and warmer ones. ‘why you don’t you listen to bhaiya? he strictly told you not to play with the water. you are becoming momma’s bad girl’, she scolded.

Days, week and years passed away. The scenario was the same his buldgy lump of flesh was stuffed in my mouth it made me puked I was like a fresh blooming flower which was plucked and brutally crushed I was no less than a dead body I was eleven when I collapsed and bleed to death my mother came and hugged me she said,’its okay, everything is going to be fine. it’s just your periods’

This time, for the very first time I felt that something was wrong the pain was unbearable I couldn’t walk for days I couldn’t sleep as he haunted me in my dreams born in the family of seventeen nobody could understand I told everything to my mum and dad helpless they stood with tears in their eyes they couldn’t do just to my life

here I stand to make a difference to save the other from the shadow of evil to make people realize that it’s not okay to make people realize, ‘IT’S NOT OKAY!’

*PART OF THE PERFORMANCE SERIES OF MUKAMMAL 6.0 (check the details of the event HERE)


#feminism #women #periods #womenequality #itsokay #femaleequality #equality #nomeansno #fear #rape

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