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Joker’s tear : Part 2

joker’s tear: part 1. if not read, read it


Lifelessly hanging around were the leaves of the aged mapel tree resembling his hair. I took in all of it in a spec of time. The moon shone bright  on the make up he had put on for the show. The only obstruction in the whole picturesque scene was a tiny droplet running down his white painted cheek, revealing his dark skin. “Ain’t you hearing me lad? Go away!” His cracked voice said. The words flew like bullet and hit me hard on my head bringing me back. “Sir, umm….. I.. Live near the market… I…wanted to….” “I don’t care what you want! Just go away. Don’t you know you ain’t allowed here eh?” “I do know that sir. I’ll leave straight away. I…. Came here for your autograph…..but, it seems that you are…crying..” Our conversation was interrupted by a loud thud. Something had fallen. Something huge. Joker ran towards me, pushed me hard. I fell hurting my head. All I can remember is watching him dash towards his room and then I enter a sudden darkness. Escaping the darkness is difficult but I do it. When I open my eyes, I find myself lying in a huge cage. I get my wobbly legs straight and run towards the door. There, I see my joker sitting on a couch, his back towards me. He is petting something. Something huge. Is it a…. To be continued. ~Manasvi N.

Keep smiling ☺

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