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Joyfully sad!

I believe my life is like an oxymoron. A combination of two opposite words, two opposite meanings. Those which are very necessary in our life. A combination of whose is just perfect! I am a person which takes inspiration from everything i see, or experience. I recently watched an animated movie called inside out. By the way i live in imaginatory worlds, so animated movies are my favourite. These movies might seem kiddish, but then who said you can’t learn from such movies? So It started with a very important emotion of us, joy! The emotion which we feel is the most important. When we are born, there is just one emotion present in us. Joy! And our mind is all blank. No experiences, no past, no thoughts, no other emotions nothing. Just joy! Then sadness emerges, following fear disgust and anger. They emerge with our experiences. They were not inbuilt.

Just so beautiful right? We are responsible for all those emotions present in us. We are responsible for everything.

What is the defination of emotions for you?

I found a very good answer to this.

Your perception to your situation is your emotions. For a particular situation your emotions will reflect differently.

And if i ask you what if one of your emotions disappear? Have you ever wondered what would happen then? It would be like a painter suddenly losing his aesthetic sense.

One emotion disappears and your personality falls, your memories shatter into the dump of forgetfulness. Where those memories would not ever return!

That would be just so awful! Losing your memories, losing who you are. That would break you, and make you feel all numb. All emotionless.

With joy, sadness is too important.

You can’t always smile and dump all your sadness into your darkest pits.

With dumping it there you will never be able to grow, learn.

They need a way out.

And its said that the way out of all this is your eyes, through salt and water. Which we humans have termed as tears.

After those tears is when joy is born again. Making that memory even more special, and making you even more strong.

Sadness leads to you being strong.

Your Joy makes you smile through all your sadness.

This is a perfect combination!

I am like an oxymoron. I am joyfully sad. And proud of it.

I hope you are too 🙂

For all those who feel that being sad is wrong and makes you weak.

Keep smiling through those tears!

– MS 🙂

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