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Just another masterpeice

Typical mornings! Waking up early, and starting by the day. But this time, we had nothing on our mind. No plans; no idea where to go! We turned some random page of guide book, and landed on page called ‘Radium Art’. Our curiousity rose higher as expected. Learning more about it, we went to the respect area! Where this man called Salim Shaikh displayed his ocean full of talent.

Further, our curiosity took us to a small shed under a tree, inside, we came across several portraits and art.

each and every stroke you see are stickers and papers!

under a shed of tree…

Realising all were made from the sticker, radium stickers, we usually don’t turn our heads to look at the designs and pattern which are created on the auto-rickshaws. Have you ever noticed those bollywood actors and actresses in the mud flaps? If you haven’t. Do it from now… maybe they are nothing,But just a piece of art? Showcasing creativity? Rarely noticed! Hardly appreciated!

the bollywood rickshaw mudflaps

This man, was doing this business since years, coming ahead from his father. He was out from school in 10th. When asked by us that how do you get ideas for creating. He replied what was unexpected yet beautiful in its way. He said ‘ god gift hei, jo dil me aata hei boh karta hu ( whatever comes to my heart, i do). And we smiled to that thought.

his materials.

Innovating his own concepts in art, rikshaw drivers usually come up with requesting portraits of Mr. Bachan, Shahrukh and the 90’s actresses and modern aged as well.

This roadside artist not just puts up a shed for serving the need of the drivers but also conducts workshops and exhibitions of his own.

stickers everywhere

This man was quite old, his son now too have started working with him. He is the only one in ahmedabad with this concept of radium art! Its so amazing to see such examples of people who pursuit their passion.

salim shaikh

Atlast this part of our ahmedabad touring ended quite well and mesmerizing.

We realised even small, unnoticable people do wonders. It just takes a curious vision to search these souls.

Whenever you stop by a beautifully decorated rickshaw, full of radium stickers, remember its just another master piece.

Meghna. 🙂

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