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Left the Good Side.

Eight years are considered to be long enough for you to forget someone. They are also more than enough to make you desperate for that someone.

We were together from my birth till grade 3. He waited for me to come back from school, because He never attended school. We often bathed together, once a week, to be precise. I couldn’t have thought then, that we would get separated. We couldn’t sleep without each other’s company. But fate had something else in fare for us.                                                            

My dad decided to shift to some other city. A city where he wouldn’t be there. I couldn’t eat or sleep or drink or breath without him. And I bet he couldn’t too. But what has to be done, needs to be done. We left each other.

Today, after 8 years, we met again. I had survived all these years by having a peek into my collection of pictures we had together.

I am a tough person. I actually am. I can withstand anything. Except the loss of my better half.His shiny coat made me smile. His glittery eyes made me sink. His canines were diamonds and only I could cut them. His tongue was an oasis. My dog was everything I wanted in my life. But I had to leave him.

Our bonding was such that we could understand each other. And now, when we met after almost a decade, I could feel his slimy tongue on my scorched cheeks. His innocence was what I missed the most. He saw me as if he was questioning my character. All his helpless shouts came back to me. I could remember him wailing on that day.

Later did I realise that he was happy that I am back to take him. Take him to where he belongs. Take him home.

He is so dumb. He thought I still had that good part with me. But I had left my good side with him as a gift to his loyality.

I loved him then when he was a young and jolly dog. I love him now that he lays in his grave in peace. Based on true events. Keep smiling to have your good side. If you do have it. ~Manasvi N. 🙂

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